Party time

The Halloween party on Saturday night was so much fun! It was loosely 1950s drive in horror movie themed.

My friend Summer packed way too many people into her TriBeCa loft.

Ryan was a creepy masked man from “the purge” – suffice it to say that NO ONE knew who he was.

That’s ok – I still love him.

Friends since kindergarten!

I’m literally scared of Ryan in these photos.

I always say this but when I have low expectations, I have the best time. I was convinced I wouldn’t have fun on Saturday – I was so tired from our day in Cold Spring; my curls kept falling out and I was frustrated; I zipped a serious amount of skin in my dress resulting in bleeding and bruising; we missed our train and had to drive!!! I figured this was all a recipe for disaster, and my night couldn’t turn around. But then we got to the party, I had two glasses of champagne and I revived! I tend to maybe be a little too pessimistic, but sometimes being positive can really make all the difference.

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