Day 3 of gratitude

I realize that I missed two days…. but I’m back on the bandwagon.

I’m grateful for my job. I’m an attorney and I work for a big law firm. My days are busy and demanding. But! I work with people who I mostly genuinely like, including one of my best friends. I love going to court. My firm was extremely kind and understanding throughout the whole baby process – literally from sharing the news I was pregnant, to my maternity leave, to coming back. It made me feel so much better about coming back to work. I really admire and respect the managing attorney of my office and feel like I’d want to have his job one day. I remember being told that if you didn’t want your boss’s job it was a bad thing – and now I finally realize how accurate that was! And finally – I feel like I have a career and not just a job. It took me a while to get here but I’m so glad I did!

Day 2 of gratitude

Sometimes you just have to be grateful for the simple things. Like right now, I’m in bed. The baby is sleeping. I’m getting some quiet time on my phone. And my bed is so comfortable. It feels so good to be in bed. And I’m grateful for that.

365 days of gratitude

I was driving earlier, and thinking about a long list of things I want. I’m in the process of organizing my home and getting rid of a ton of things…yet I still constantly long for more things! Consumerism, materialism…they are crazy things.

It got me to thinking that I should focus more on what I do have v. What I don’t have. I was driving my brand new Lexus SUV, with my beautiful Chanel bag sitting in the front seat and my perfect baby boy in the back seat taking a peaceful nap. To the majority of the world, I’m sure I look like I have it all. And, if I shift my focus a little bit, I really do have everything that’s important in life.

Today, I’m going to start with what I’m most grateful for. My son. I love this boy with the deepest part of my core being. My days begin and end with him, and to quote Faith Evans (who must’ve been singing about her child, duh) I never knew there was a love like this before. I just love this kid so much – sometimes It makes me cry because the magnitude of the love is so overwhelming. I’m grateful for having a child and having THIS child. I’m grateful for having had a healthy pregnancy. I’m grateful for having had an uneventful delivery. I’m grateful for having a husband who takes an equal part in raising our son. I’m thankful for family who have helped us out. I’m grateful for a job that gives me flexibility so I can spend more time with him. I’m grateful for the privilege and opportunity to try to raise a man who’s going to do good in this world. I’m grateful for baby cuddles and baby laughs. I’m grateful for getting to be a mom.