Favorite clothes and accessories

It’s no secret that I have a lot of clothes – possibly a borderline abnormal amount. I’ve been trying to parse my wardrobe down – selling certain items on poshmark and donating the rest. I’ve been feeling weighed down by all of my ‘stuff’ and I want a more contained wardrobe consisting of items I truly love and feel great in. I was pretty inspired by Marie Kondo’s, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and have been trying to feel the magic.

One of her suggestions is not to decide what to throw away, but to decide what to keep. This is definitely a more logical way of looking at your possessions and deciding what you truly love v. have an unproductive attachment to. I think another way to look at it is to be cognizant of the items you constantly reach for, and what items you pass over or try on and then take off. For instance, I have probably 15 pairs of jeans, but I wear the same three pairs over and over again. That’s kind of the basic principle of building your style – loving everything as much as your favorite pair of jeans.

Some of my favorite items include:

  • A day to night top. I bought this Madewell top a few months ago and I’ve reached for it countless times this summer. It looks great styled with denim, white jeans, and shorts. It’s loose and flowy, yet flattering. The blue and white stripes make it a classic style with a current spin.

  • A top for nights out. I bought this top at J.Crew during the holiday season and I always feel dressed to go out when I put it on. It’s fitted but the ruffles make it forgiving. The sheer black lace makes it sexy. It can be dressed up with a skirt or down with denim.

  • Great jeans. I’ve been a longtime fan of J.Crew’s toothpick jean. They always fit well, maintain their shape, and stretch but don’t stretch out.

  • A timeless purse. My Chanel bag is probably my favorite thing I own. Period. I feel grateful on a regular basis for buying it before it doubled in price…because then I probably wouldn’t have been able to justify buying it. If you’re shopping for a Chanel bag, buy the caviar (pebbled) leather. My bag has had a lot of wear, but looks like it’s in mint condition. The lambskin is beautiful but shows every scratch.

  • A dreamy cashmere sweater. I love the halogen cashmere cardigans from the Nordstrom Sale. I first bought one of these cardigans a few years ago, and they have been a regular fall/winter staple ever since. The cashmere is soft, thick and warm.

What my wardrobe is missing…

  • Shoes. find that I struggle with shoes! I know ‘the shoes make the outfit’ but I can’t get past the comfort factor and feel like I wear flip flops all summer and Uggs all winter. I’ve even tried to up my game with ‘dressy uggs’ (one shouldn’t be able to use those two words together). I’ve been trying to incorporate better shoes into my typical outfits…but this girl is all about comfort and I think comfort is always going to win.
  • The white button down shirt. Why is it so hard to find an amazing white button down shirt? I’m relatively flat chested but yet I’m a 38 width…so whenever I wear button downs that awkwardly gap at the bust. I’m looking for something that drapes elegantly but also looks crisp. Why can’t I find this?? Everyone must be looking for the same thing! I know it’s out there…and one day, I will find it.


I wasn’t planning on celebrating this year, but got invited to a 1950s themed party, which seemed too fun to turn down.

I got a great vintage dress from Etsy, and plan to try to style my hair like the picture below. 

I actually never would’ve thought of etsy to pick out a dress had my friend not suggested it.

They really have an amazing selection of reasonable vintage clothing.

I’m going to pair the dress with black gloves, and a vintage fur jacket. I’ll post a picture of the finished look. Now I just need to start working on my husband’s costume.